OERTLI - 90 years of progress


Head office Höri

Jürgen Gabrielli


Antoine Vernez

  Thomas Oertli

First created  
1923 by Jean Oertli

Legal structure of mother-company      
OERTLI Switzerland is a privately held company of which the OERTLI family owns 85% of the shares and the companies employees hold 15% of the shares

Netherland (Benelux), Austria, Germany, Hungary, Italy, United Kingdom, France

Höri (Switzerland)

Manufacturing program     
Precision tooling systems for the industrial woodworking industry with focus on the machining of solid wood

Sales 2016                 
OERTLI Group consolidated 33 Mio CHF

OERTLI Group 220

Excecutive committee    
Paul Oertli jun., Thomas Oertli, Jürgen Gabrielli, Elmar Fischer

OERTLI Switzerland, General Managers             
Jürgen Gabrielli, Antoine Vernez, Thomas Oertli